About Coyote

Coyote is a different kind of animal. Born out of over a quarter of a century of experience in the cycling trade, this tried and trusted range of sport bikes lives to be ridden hard. Made with more backbone than most, Coyote’s sharp styling, bulletproof build and responsive handling leaves the competition standing, and makes it the perfect range for demanding rides.

A Breed Apart.

The Coyote brand offers a complete range of ATB and action bikes for those looking for an authentic and well made. With a range of sturdy MTB’s, the Coyote brand is already well-established in the independent bike dealer sector in the UK.

Coyote bikes combine a great standard of build quality with the looks of more expensively priced ATBs. Offering the full range of adult wheel sizes in its rousing range.

We’re more than confident that this product range will bring Coyote to the attention of a wider audience looking for custom-bike styling and instant curb appeal in the UK market.

With its strong character, Coyote is a brand that will appeal to those searching for affordable adventure.