Insync Pledges Support To Bike Shops

Welcome to the latest Insync newsletter. I wish I was writing in normal times but as an industry we are faced with our biggest ever challenge. But we must remain hopeful. My message to our IBD partners is - Insync wants to help you keep trading. As long as our warehouse is operational we can supply you with affordable family bikes and expertise.

It was brilliant to see the prime minister allow bike shops to stay open. This is absolutely right and we hope the policy can continue as long as it is safe. As you will see from our blog with Insync Ambassador Shanaze Reade cycling can be a weapon in the fight against coronavirus. Cycling provides a safe-distance alternative to public transport, which is increasingly seen as a virus hot spot. Cycling further improves fitness, immunity and sensitivity to vaccines. As an industry we must fight for cycling to have a voice and role in the crisis as Cycling UK is doing. Another initiative is Local Bike Shop Day.  It is unclear what form this will take but as a sponsor we're keen to see it continue through channels like social media. This will encourage bike shops to improve their digital offering.

Insync is actively looking at ways we can help IBDs including offering our new IBD only ebikes and the Coyote range of IBD only MTBs and road bikes. We think these are some of the best and most affordable bikes available - at a time when cycling is on the increase. Please follow our new IBD Twitter feed @ltdInsync and get in touch with any ideas or queries.

Wishing everyone good health and good trading.
Eddie Eccleston
Insync Bikes Head of European Operations
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